Telescopic Boom Marine Cranes

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Equipped with Techcrane's unique rack and pinion system

Manufactured using all U.S. made steel and major components.


Many aspects of the design of Techcrane's telescopic cranes are identical to the fixed box boom cranes.


Our Telescopic Boom Marine Crane utilizes a unique rack and pinion hydraulic scoping system.  The range of crane lifting capacities range from 5 up to 100 US tons.


The rack and pinion system has been extensively used in the elevating mechanism of offshore drilling rigs and Jack-up boats or liftboats.  This system has been successfully incorporated in the telescopic mechanism in Techcrane's telescopic cranes.


The inner boom is completely sealed and incorporates an internal stiffeners.  The rack is welded either under the center or the sides of the inner boom depending on the size of the crane.


The outer boom is open on both ends, sand blasted (inside and out) and receives three coat marine paint system on all surfaces.


Three color "safe load gauge".


The gearbox(s) is mounted under the outer boom with the pinion gear engaged to the rack through an opening under the outer boom.  The gear box is hydraulically driven using a high torque Charlynn motor(s). Internal disc brakes (in the gear box), as well as dual counterbalance valves, hold the boom in place when the control lever is released (dead man type).  The same safety features that are incorporated in the jacking system of offshore drilling rigs and Jack-up vessels are used in the (fail safe system) telescoping mechanism.


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All Techcrane designs are created in-house. Cranes are designed to be low maintenance, user friendly, demonstrating

high performance and reliability.  This translates to quality control, cost savings and immediate accessibility to spare parts.


*Capacity is listed in short tons