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Our aim at Techcrane Service is to arrive prepared to not only perform the inspection but to get your crane back to operable condition on the same trip. Techcrane will travel with a load cell comparable to the size of the crane that is mentioned above to perform a load test if necessary. It is good for the site to state what they have available to pull from or if they require weights. Use the text box below and enter any details that can make this a one trip campaign.


Did you know that Techcrane Stocks all parts used on their cranes? No more waiting 6-8 weeks for standard replacement parts!
Techcrane has a wide network of vendors that supply their standard parts used on Techcranes. Techcrane design philosophy avoids specialty parts and does not remove OEM part numbers unlike our competitors.
Did you know that Techcrane prepares Service Mission Reports or SMRs along with there Crane Inspection Forms or CIFs that are available almost the same day. We can discuss any issues with time on the job before the Technician leaves the site.
Did you know that Techcrane has Service Technicians based in Central and South America? We also have agents in the Caspian, VN, African, SE Asian, and Middle East areas that are fully trained to service Techcranes.
For over 25 years, Techcrane has been supplying quality products and services to the world market.