Techcrane Marine Offshore Cranes

Techcrane freely publishes their job descriptions to the world. It shows the current pay range for the market area. It shows also the minimum requirements needed for each position. We invite all of our competitors to copy The Originator: Techcrane.

This area reflects current market research and job openings at Techcrane. You are free to respond to each by emailing your interest and CV (Resume) to There are no guarantees for hire. Techcrane reserves the right to select best fit at all times. Techcrane is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Techcrane offers internships to High School, Trade School, and University level applicants. The positions posted are typically paid positions but is subject to the rules and regulations of the applicant’s school/university. Techcrane immerses the student in a “Real World” environment. The Oil and Gas Industry is one of the toughest businesses. The student will walk away with a wealth of experience that has historically culminated into solid job offerings. From Trade to Professional Experience, Techcrane believes in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders. Email your interest/CV (Resume) to


Did you know that Techcrane Trains their staff from the ground up and looks for applicants that have relevant experience (not necessarily with Crane Fabrication experience)?
Did you know that Techcrane uses cutting edge and industry standard software, techniques, and tools to get the job done?
Did you know that Techcrane is a full service company that directly interfaces with each process step until product realization?
For over 25 years, Techcrane has been supplying quality products and services to the world market.