Techcrane has an L300 or 150 Ton Lattice Crane in production…

The Techcrane model F120 is new and ready for deployment. It…

The Techcrane Model T80 is a used crane that will be ready to…

The TC150 is a 6 month old, 70 ton used crane ready for deployment…

The Techcrane model T7 crane (3 ton) is new and perfect for…

Techcrane Marine Offshore Cranes

Welcome to Techcrane

Techcrane is one of the world’s largest crane manufacturers offering the largest range of marine cranes (Fixed, Telescopic, Knuckle, and Lattice Boom configurations) ranging from 2.5 to 4000 tons. Techcrane offers after sales parts, service, and technical support 24/7/365. Our mission is to provide quality results to all clients under the hospices of API Q1 which meets and exceeds ISO9001.

Techcrane was founded and incorporated in 1993 by Farhad and Sharon Shad and has remained family owned and operated. For over 25 years, Techcrane has been supplying quality products and services to the world market. Through diversification, Techcrane supports not only Oil and Gas but Construction, Transportation, and Mobile market sectors. Farhad Shad, in his 40+ years of tenure, was the first to introduce the rack and pinion drive technology to crane design. Following his contribution, Techcrane continues to innovate crane technology and thus living up to its namesake.

Techcrane has recently delivered the first ever all electric drive telescopic crane: Model GT30. It has a max nominal capacity of 15 tons driven by a stepless AC Variable Frequency Drive…


World’s First Ever All Electric Drive Telescopic Marine Crane – GT30


NYC First Marine Crane used for Construction: World Trade Center Tower 3


Custom HPU: Diesel Engine, Electric Motor, or Air


Techcrane ROCS: Redundant Operational Control System – Radio or Tether – NEC & IEC for all zones (XP, Zone 1, etc)


RaPiDS: Techcrane Rack and Pinion Drive. Telescopic Drive System without the internal cylinder!

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I'm a student at the University of New Orleans. Techcrane was more than helpful providing my senior design group with information and assistance. They were quick to respond, easy to understand, and exceeded expectations. Thanks Techcrane!read more
Peter Heausler
Wonderful place to work!
Emily Breaux
I love my job!!! No more corporate life for me. From the very first day that I joined Techcrane, I truly felt like part of a team. Every day we work together to achieve our goals and maintain the highest standards for all of our clients. I have been given an opportunity of a lifetime with Techcrane and am learning and excelling everyday. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!read more
Keri Eckhardt
Great place to work!
Lindsay B
Great place to work and gain valuable engineering experience while delivering a quality product!
Justin Bourg

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I LOVE MY JOB!!! I have never loved being at work like I do now. We literally spend more time with the people we work with than our own families. If you are not happy with what you are doing at work then it’s time to re-think your life. I come home every day and say “I Love My Job”. My husband and family are overjoyed that I come home happy everyday......no whining and no complaining about corporate life. Techcrane is locally owned and truly cares about their employees...something I am not used to but really loving. I am new to the crane business but was given an opportunity to learn and excel and that’s exactly what I am doing. If you are looking for a job that will make want to get up and go to work everyday, please look no further. There are so many great opportunities at Techcrane just waiting for you. I can be contacted directly or please call our office to see what jobs are available. Sincerely...a very grateful Techcrane employeeread more
Keri Eckhardt
Maryam Shad
Darius Shad
Brianna Jalalzadeh
For over 25 years, Techcrane has been supplying quality products and services to the world market.