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We are pleased to present our quotation for API Monogrammed EBI Crane Model TC150-56-100


Certification and Accreditation:

The crane quoted herein is designed and manufactured in accordance with all structural requirements of API2C, B.V., Lloyds, ABS Shipboard crane, USCG and OSHA.  Cost of certification is not included in the price.


56 ft. Fully Retracted Boom
Reach (ft.) Boom Angle (deg.) Dynamic Load Line (lbs.) Static Load Line (lbs.)
10 78 109100 157600
15 73 100100 151350
20 68 83600 126600
25 62 71600 108600
30 56 63100 95850
35 50 56600 86100
40 43 51600 78600
45 35 47350 72225
50 25 44100 67350
55 0 42600 65100
Maximum Overturning Moment (ft.-lbs.) 9,113,239
Corresponding Axial Force (lbs.) 201,609
Maximum Axial Force (lbs). 401,098
Corresponding Moment (ft.-lbs.) 4,554,307
Basic Crane Weight (lbs.)-Approx. 80,000
Values Subject to Change Without Notice
100 ft. Fully Extended Boom
Reach (ft.) Boom Angle (deg.) Dynamic Load Line (lbs.) Static Load Line (lbs.) Reach (ft.) Boom Angle (deg.) Dynamic Load Line (lbs.) Static Load Line (lbs.)
10 83.5 87600 87600 60 53 25725 39788
15 80.5 74600 87600 65 49.5 23850 36975
20 78 60100 87600 70 45.5 22100 34350
25 75 52100 79350 75 41.5 20600 32100
30 72 46100 70350 80 37 19350 30225
35 69 40600 62100 85 32 18100 28350
40 66 36850 56475 90 26 17100 26850
45 63 35600 51600 95 18 16100 25350
50 59.5 30100 46350 100 0 15800 24900
55 56.5 27850 42975        
(*) Maximum capacity of this crane is limited to 60 tons
Values Subject to Change Without Notice

Rack and Pinion Telescopic Mechanism:

We have been manufacturing telescopic marine cranes using rack and pinion system for over 20 years.  The rack and pinion system is extensively used in elevating mechanisms of offshore drilling rigs and Jack-up boats.


The inner boom is completely sealed and incorporates an internal stiffener.  The rack is welded underneath to the center of the inner boom and a trough is built in on the top of the inner boom to accommodate the Anti-Two Blocking shuttle mechanism.   The outer boom is open on both ends, sand blasted (inside and out) and receives a three coat marine paint system on all surfaces.


The gearbox(s) is mounted under the outer boom with the pinion gear engaged to the rack through an opening under the outer boom.  The gear box is hydraulically driven using a high torque Charlynn motor.  Internal disc brakes (in the gear box) as well as dual counterbalance valves hold the boom in place when the control lever is released (dead man type).  The same safety features that are incorporated in the jacking system of offshore vessels are used in the telescoping mechanism.


Potential leakage in the internal boom cylinders are costly to repair and maintain.  Telescoping mechanism on our cranes use no hydraulic cylinder in the boom.


















Rack and Pinion Telescopic Mechanism

Nyloil wear plates that are adjustable are used on all four sides between the inner and outer boom.  The wear plates are manufactured from HMW nylon and are oil impregnated.  All wear plates are adjustable and replaceable without the need to remove the inner boom.


Mechanical boom stops are installed on the inner boom.  As the inner boom is fully extended, the stops come in contact with external boom stops bolted to the outer boom flange. Removal of the inner boom is accomplished through unbolting the external stops from the outer boom flange and sliding the inner boom out.  All bolts are secured by lock nuts.


Boom material: ASTM 588 or equal (50 kips).

Fully retracted boom length is: 56 ft.

Fully extended boom length is: 100 ft.

One Boom Light mounted 30 ft from the heel pin.



  • 100% sealed and boxed - in upper turret.
  • Lower pedestal height: 30" integral to the crane bearing raceway.
  • Diameter - 80" OD with 45 degree bevel.
  • Wall thickness: 1"
  • Material: ASTM A588 or equal Gr. 50
  • The crane upper pedestal will incorporate a reinforced manway 18" ID with bolted cover.


Bearing Race

  • “X” type roller bearing raceway with 100% welded design raceways
  • 7-1/2:1 safety margin on the bearing raceway.


Swing Mechanism

  • Two heavy duty GB73 swing gear boxes
  • Double planetary reduction system.
  • Adjustable mount with removable shims.
  • 120,000 in-pound continuous rating each.
  • Automatic parking brake.
  • Swing motor manufacturer: Char-Lynn.
  • 360° degree continuous rotation
  • Electric Slip Ring


Hydraulic Boom Lift Cylinders

  • 10X120 hydraulic cylinder is manufactured using standard off the shelf components.
  • Cylinder tube: High tensile DOM tubing, 10” bore.
  • Cylinder rod: induction hardened chrome plated (.0005 to .001 inch chrome plating)
  • Standard Parker seals.
  • Counterbalance ( holding ) valve, one per cylinder.
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Cylinder boots to help protect rod vs elements.




pedestal crane parts for sale

Load Line Winch

Dual Drive Double planetary hydraulic winch is designed per API-2C and OSHA.

  • Heavy duty dual drive winch for increased longevity in Offshore Vessel applications
  • Brake discs running in oil for long life.
  • One way sprag clutch.
  • Counterbalance (holding) valve,  must be hydraulically opened to permit lowering the load.
  • Spring to center control valve.  As the lever is released, brake and counterbalance valve will lock until hydraulic power is applied.
  • Reeving: 6 Part line
  • Wire rope supplied:  1500 ft. of  1”  Dyform 18 wire rope.
  • Travelling block with Johnson hook and safety latch provided


Load Indicator for Load Line

  • Electronic load indicator


Auxiliary Winch

Double planetary hydraulic winch is designed per API-2C and OSHA

Safety system incorporated in the winch:

  • Brake discs running in oil for long life.
  • One way sprag clutch.
  • Counterbalance (holding) valve, must be hydraulically opened to permit lowering the load.
  • Spring to center control valve.  As the lever is released, brake and counterbalance valve will lock until hydraulic power is applied.
  • Direct access for lubrication of drum bearings.
  • Reeving: 1 Part line
  • 900 ft of 5/8” 19x7 EIPS IWRC rope provided.
  • To be used with Vendor Supplied Product.
  • Overhaul ball with Johnson hook and safety latch provided
  • Anti two blocking


Anti-Two Blocking Mechanism

Our innovative anti two blocking system is virtually maintenance free, because of the use of stainless steel cable that transfers the signal from the boom tip to a valve that is installed near the operator.  No hose reel, hydraulic hoses, or valve at the boom tip is used in this system.  With our anti-two blocking system load blocks do not “creep” upwards.


Control Valve Operation

Large Operators cab, HVAC,  platform for diesel/hydraulic HPU with back walkway

The following components are visible to the operator at the control station:

  • Control function labels
  • Load Capacity Chart
  • Boom Angle Indicator
  • Complete Load Monitoring System:  Load and Aux Line, Extension, Angle, and Radius.


Analog Indicator (3 Color Gauge)

Our cranes are designed such that a correlation exists in the load induced hydraulic pressure in the boom lift cylinders, and overall stress in the crane.  As the overturning moment is increased due to booming down, or hoisting a load (regardless of the load line or the fast line hoist)  the pressure increases in the hydraulic cylinders.


Unique to our design, a hydraulic pressure gauge with three color (green, yellow and red) dial is installed near the operator's console that monitors this pressure to indicate the safe working condition.


Platform Mounted Diesel / Hydraulic Power Unit

365 HP Tier 3 Diesel Engine

  • Hood and side panel
  • Electronic Controls and Gauges
  • 300 gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • 200 gallon fuel reservoir
  • Full flow, 10 micron return line filtration.
  • 125 micron suction strainer.
  • Safety shutdown mechanism (Murphy panel).
  • Automatic air intake shutdown per MMS.
  • Access clean out hatches with sealed cover.
  • Drain line
  • Hydraulic oil and interconnecting hoses not included
  • Electric starter
  • Multi Section pump for 2 simultaneous functions.


Hydraulic Hoses on Crane

All high pressure hoses will have female JIC 37 degree flare fittings


Corrosive Environment Conditions

  • Our cranes are manufactured of corrosion resistant Corten steel ASTM A588 Grade 50
  • Stainless steel control spools
  • Cadmium coated hose ends standard
  • High molecular weight nylon sheaves
  • Stainless steel cable to transmit signal to the hydraulic valve for anti-two block mechanism- no hydraulic on boom tip and no hydraulic hose on boom
  • Excellent three coat marine paint system applied indoors in an environmentally controlled area
  • Coating is provided both internally and externally on the boom



All welds are per AWS D1.1 and all critical welds are tested (ultra sound and magnetic particle).




Other Details

Price includes a thorough inspection and routine maintenance of all components of the TC150 Crane .

Price includes full factory test on Techcrane test stand and dismantling for shipment.


It is assumed that the current paint system on the crane in storage is acceptable.


Techcrane will reinstate 12 Month Warranty per our standard terms and conditions from the time of extraction.


We will extend the warranty an additional 2 months with our on site installation and commissioning team performing post delivery work.  Quote will be furnished with further details of location of commissioning.



Based on current stock, the crane can be ready for delivery approximately 60 days ARO as quoted.  One unit is available on a first come first serve basis.


Normal manufacture time is 6-8 months.  Delivery is based on the availability of production slots which are given on a first come first serve basis.  Delivery is determined at the time of order.


Bid Validity

30 days



Per standard warranty 1 year after date of shipment.