Team – 2

Techcrane Marine Offshore Cranes

Once per quarter, Techcrane will highlight a team member and share their accomplishments.Stay tuned!

Once per quarter, Techcrane will highlight a new addition to the team and the details of their new job!.Stay Tuned!

This area is dedicated to the Techcrane Top Ten which are vendors who are more than just vendors, they are our Partners for the future. The Techcrane Top Ten will be paid on special Net 15 Terms as part of their hard work to maintain themselves on this top ten list. Want to be Top Ten? Call us and find out!


Did you know that Techcrane aims to buy only Made in the USA? We may spend a bit more but Techcrane is part of the force to bring back manufacturing to our great country.
Did you know that Techcrane is part of a local resource groups to manufacture locally to support other local businesses within St. Tammany Parish and Louisiana?
For over 25 years, Techcrane has been supplying quality products and services to the world market.