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Marine Crane History

Our Lattice Boom Marine Crane is a pedestal mounted crane with sectioned boom constructed from lattice steel members.  This lightweight boom design allows for higher lifting capacity and longer boom lengths.  Our lifting capacities range from 40 to 250 US tons.

Our Fixed Boom Marine Crane is a fully hydraulic "Stiff-Boom" with capacities from 2.5 to 125 US tons.

Each Telescopic Boom Marine crane is equipped with Techcrane's unique rack and pinion system. Techcrane has been manufacturing telescopic cranes using rack and pinion systems for over 20 years.  The rack and pinion system is extensively used in elevating mechanisms of offshore drilling rigs and Jack-up boats.


The inner boom is completely sealed and incorporates an internal stiffener.  The rack is welded underneath to the center of the inner boom and a trough is built in on the top of the inner boom to accommodate the Anti-Two Blocking shuttle mechanism.   The outer boom is open on both ends, sand blasted (inside and out) and receives three coats of the marine paint system on all surfaces.


The gearbox(s) is mounted under the outer boom with the pinion gear engaged to the rack through an opening under the outer boom.  The gear box is hydraulically driven using a  high torque Charlynn motor.  Internal disc brakes (in the gear box) as well as dual counterbalance valves hold the boom in place when the control lever is released (dead man type).  The same safety features that are incorporated in the jacking system of offshore vessels are used in the telescoping mechanism.

Marine Crane Terminology*


A secondary rope system, usually of lighter load capacity than provided by the main rope system.



A member hinged to the revolving upper structure and used for supporting the hoist tackle.


Boom Hoist: The hoist mechanism responsible for raising and lowering the boom.


Gantry (also known as A-frame or mast):

A structural frame, extending above the upper structure to which the boom support ropes are reeved.


Jib: (also known as tip extension):

An extension attached to the boom point to provide added boom length for lifting specified loads.


Lattice boom:

Boom of open construction with lacing between main corner members (chords) in form of a truss.


Pedestal (also known as base):

The supporting substructure upon which the revolving upper structure is mounted.

Hydraulic Types

Bernoulli Hydraulic Power Unit - Techcrane's unique patented unit that is designed to create maximum heat dissipation. This unit also keeps pump flooded at all time.

Bi-fluid Hydraulic Power Unit - This unit's unique tank design creates maximum usage by maximizing its volume. In return it creates minimal footprint and maximum heat dissipation.