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Lattice Boom Marine Cranes

Information supplied herein is subject

to change without notice

Manufactured using all U.S. made steel and major components.


Available capacities (at 30 ft reach) for immediate manufacture:

40, 60, 110, 150, 250 short tons


Techcrane lattice booms utilizes 50 KSI rated square tubing for the cords and predominantly round pipe for lacings designed per API-2C.


The gantry legs are hinged near the shift case and fold for ease of shipment.


Main and aux winches are installed in the boom and on individual mounting platforms for ease of maintenance and replacement.


Lightweight in design.


Boom hoists and all hydraulic valves are installed on the turret for ease of maintenance.


High molecular weight nylon sheaves.


All hydraulic controls for the operation of the crane.


Load/moment indicator with anti-two blocking system.


Dyform (or equal) non-rotating wire rope for main and aux winches.


Unique hydraulic folding mechanism for gantry to lower the profile during travel or sailing under bridges.


Standard boom lengths:

minimum (approximately) 60 ft standard available additional boom sections

20, 30, 40 ft. sections


Multiple slewing gear boxes utilized on all lattice boom cranes to minimize tooth load and maximize redundancy.

Click on marine crane model number below to view the load charts,  AutoCAD drawings, and crane descriptions.

150 Tons


40 Tons


250 Tons


60 Tons


250 Tons


100 Tons


600 Tons


All Techcrane designs are created in-house. Cranes are designed to be low maintenance, user friendly, demonstrating high performance and reliability.  This translates to quality control,  cost savings and immediate accessibility to spare parts.


*Capacity is listed in short tons