F25 Fixed Boom Marine Crane


Platform Configurations





Request Quote

Customer specified boom length is available upon request.

Maximum available boom length is 85 feet

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment

-Techcrane meets ABS, USCG, OSHA, AND API requirements


-Planetary swing mechanism, high-torque motor, and automatic spring applied brakes


-Double hydraulic swivel for continuous rotation


-Rotek bolted bearing race or equal


-Chrome plated cylinder rods


-Three color safe load gauge


-Load line winch


-Three coat marine paint system


-High molecular weight nylon sheaves with anti-friction bearings


-Bronze bushings or spherical bearings on all pivots points


-Load test as per API


-Anti two block system




-Specially designed to fit customer requirements


- Crane control configuration


-Pedestal mounted waly around


-remotely located


-Various cab platform configuration


-Cab mounted joystick type


-Solar/battery powered boom beacons


-Boom lighting


-Complete Hydraulic safety system detecting the moment induced by the live load to help prevent overload conditions


-Power units: Electric or Diesel driven power packs


-Diesel engine starter systems: Electric, Air, or Hydraulic


-Stainless steel heat treated pins


-Bellows cylinder rods


-Axillary winch (personnel handling)


-Emergency load lowering system

The published load chart generated in accordance with legacy dynamic method per API 2C 7th edition , The load ratings may vary due to the number of part line , line pull and environmental conditions, etc.  Please contact Techcrane with detailed operational conditions.  This will assist Techcrane with the generation of  load chart per API 2C 7th edition.