Crane Products

High Quality, Low-Maintenance, Simple

Since 1979, Techcrane has been manufacturing custom designed marine pedestal boom cranes which are built to accommodate virtually any application.  We offer a wide range of marine cranes from 2.5 to 600 tons for offshore, dockside and construction applications.


Our low maintenance and simple design keeps us competitively priced.  Every crane can be customized with various component systems such as remote control, cabin features and limitless rigging capabilities.  We also offer full hydraulic packages including turnkey hydraulic system replacement.  Techcrane has a complete engineering and manufacturing department allowing for any custom designed crane to meet every specific need, as well as meeting all API-2C and AP1-Q1 quality control requirements.


Techcrane provides four models of offshore cranes:


Fixed Boom Cranes


Lattice Boom Cranes


Telescopic Boom Cranes


Knuckle Boom Cranes


Techcrane manufactures marine cranes utilizing all U.S made product and components


  • All Steel: manufactured in USA.
  • All Hoists: Manufactured by Lantec, the premier winch manufacturer in North America.
  • Slewing Gearboxes: Manufactured in the USA by Eskridge
  • Slew Bearing: Manufactured in the USA by Rotek
  • Wire Rope:  Bridon, one of the most premier and well known manufacturers of wire rope in UK.
  • Hydraulic components: Parker Hydraulics manufactured in USA.
  • Electronic Load Indicator System (LSI) : manufactured in Canada offers accuracy,  longevity and simplicity of operation.


Crane superstructure is fabricated by approved and certified welders using qualified procedure set forth by American Welding Society (AWS).  All critical welds are inspected and documented by approved third party (independent) inspectors.