About Techcrane

About Techcrane International, LLC

Techcrane International, LLC is a global provider of marine cranes, parts, and services.  Techcrane's mission is to provide products of the highest quality that are tailored to the client's requirements, according to API Specification 2C monogram per Techcrane's quality program.  Techcrane management has been involved in design and manufacturing of marine cranes since 1979, and we have a complete engineering and manufacturing department that allows for many custom designed cranes to fit your specifications.  We are proud to offer the largest range of certified marine cranes in the U.S.A.  ranging from 2.5 to 800 ton capacity and specializing in Fixed, Telescopic, Knuckle and Lattice Boom marine cranes for offshore, vessel, as well as dockside and construction applications.  We have limitless design and manufacturing capabilities.


We also offer full hydraulic packages including turnkey hydraulic system replacements.  With the purchase of each crane, Techcrane has the ability to perform a full function and load test with the largest in-ground test stand in the United States, capable of supporting nearly 40 million ft-lbs.


Techcrane's parts department can also provide OEM parts for not only Techcrane cranes, but for EBI cranes as well.  We maintain a large OEM parts inventory that is available to customers at any time.


Techcrane International, LLC. was founded in 1993 in a home office.  Techcrane began the exclusive marketing of EBI Cranes and continued over two decades.  Prior to the start of Techcrane,  Farhad Shad began with EBI in late 1979 as the facility production manager and design engineer.  He would later assist in the design of a complete line of cranes,  including the "Rack and Pinion" design to their design repertoire.

Our Mission

To provide quality marine cranes, parts, and services to the world market under the hospices of API Q1 quality guidelines which is inclusive of ISO9001.